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Main Features
  1. Super easy user interface and workflow (patent pending)
  2. Automatic video stabilizer that removes video jitter caused by handshake during capture
  3. Simple method for choosing up to six independent/overlapping motion areas (patent pending)
  4. New processing technique for much better color
  5. 35% larger image size/resolution than other similar applications
  6. Your images saved locally so that you can save/share them anyway you like
Other Features
  1. Sharing via Facebook, Twitter, SMS and direct/private sharing via emails
  2. 3 or 5 seconds record time selection (press More button or touch-hold on Capture screen)
  3. Starting image selection for animation (touch-hold on Edit screen)
  4. Looping options (touch-hold on Preview screen)
  5. Image rotation(for sharing landscape images)
Upcoming Features / Enhancements
  1. More cool filters and effects
  2. Landscape capture more
  3. Front camera support
  4. Flash support
  5. More sharing options
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