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Bring life to your pictures with cool animations!

fotodanz allows you capture and create ridiculously cool photographs with movements (cinemagraphs).  You can now be incredibly creative with your camera!  It's FREE!  No need to register either.

We have made it super simple to create these animated photos on Android™ devices!  You simply compose, shoot a short video clip, circle the area(s) to animate, press Ok and you are ready to share your creations with the world.  It's that easy!

You can record 3 or 5 seconds, animate multiple areas, select the starting image for animation and change looping style.  You can enhance your images with a number of photo filters too.

Your images are saved locally, so you can access them and share them anyway you like.  We have made it easy to share via Facebook, Twitter and SMS.  For more privacy, you can share via emails too.  Enjoy!
How it Works
  1. Compose and press capture (fotodanz will automatically record 3 or 5 seconds of video and stop)
  2. Now circle the region(s) to animate and press Ok (you can double-tap to redo the circles if required)
  3. Preview animation, add filter effects and/or select looping options.  You can go back to refine it if necessary.
  4. Press Ok to save and you will be taken to your album
  5. Share your creation via emails, Facebook, Twitter and SMS (coming soon: Google+, Dropbox, Tumblr, etc.)
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