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fotodanz Reviews

"fotodanz's simplicity is certainly its biggest strength. That said,
it is a fantastic app for creating cinemagraphs."
- Jaymar Cabebe, reviews.cnet.com

"fotodanz is truly an interesting new addition to the long list of photography apps in the Play Store.
Overall, it is a fairly impressive photo editing app with simple controls and high quality cinemagraphs.
If you're a photo enthusiast who'd like to try creating cinemagraphs for the first time, fotodanz is a
solid choice. Not only is it super easy, it also makes great looking photos that truly dance."
- Kim Barloso, android.appstorm.net

"It's one thing to say that a photo is alive; it's another thing to build a tool to actually make it so.
fotodanz is similar to [other cinemagraph applications on iPhone] but manages to keep things simple."
- Daniel Bader, www.MobileSyrup.com

"Dancing photos are now finally at your discretion, with the exclusive launch of fotodanz over on Google Play.
...the new Android app is very easy to use and...   
...will provide you with all you need to come up with your own cool cinemagraphs."
- Adrian Diaconescu, www.androidauthority.com

"[fotodanzes] remind me of the pictures we could see in the entire 'Harry Potter' series, pictures that moved;
this feels the same, just that the movements are reduced to a couple of seconds."
- Aitor Ruiz, www.andronly.com   [in Spanish]    Google Translation   [in English]

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